a training for utopia

we can all relate or at least I hope it’s there somewhere yet some are truly lost.then again, I do not hope they will come around.who are “they”? well, if you’re reading this you’re safe.picture yourself listening to your favorite song while driving to who knows where but probably to work, or not. a loud and obnoxious sound comes rumbling from behind and you soon notice the car beside you contains a male and/or female driver rocking out to a song on the radio.the popular station that everyone in town listens to because they play all the songs that you fucking hate. yeah that’s “they”. the fans of radio rock, who shop for singles because they don’t want to “waste” their money on an entire album just for one song. you’re better, you are.you delight in finding that one special place to call your own where you’re free to roam the stacks looking for the obscure band you’ve only read about.so here is me, not a “they” writing about whatever for whoever but, beware the topic is and always will be music.a show, a band, a list, a love, a hate, a rant.

two books to buy and read:

your band to listen to today:

Helmet (anything Betty and before)


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