do you want me to beat him up for you?

I walked into my local record store today Peal Jam’s Ten was playing. I think we sometimes forget what we grew up on

ahhh, stereotypical Seattle at it's finest (circa 1992)

Singles was just a movie trying to cash in on the Seattle scene. Set in then present day(1992). I never did get to see Alice In Chains live, or Soundgarden..not even close. At least I can say I saw Sweet 75 with Krist Novolseic, then if I see Foo Fighters it’s as close as I can get in 2010 to seeing Nirvana. Singles is feeble, it’s not even that good. Campbell Scott is good in Dying Young, and The Exorcism Of Emily Rose maybe, but old and fucking annoying. The best part is when he’s trying to convince the jury to convict Father Moore and growls the phrase “don’t you believe it!”. Bridgett Fonda yeah, who remembers her? Point Of No Return, was that her? Soundgarden and Alice In Chains play live, great. The soundtrack is good. “Birth Ritual” makes it. Cameos from the likes of Tad Doyle(“I think you got the wrong number lady,but i’ll be right over”) Jonathan Poneman(one of Debbie’s potential video dates) and Chris Cornell(walks out of the apartment complex as Cliff is blasting the new stereo he’s had installed into Bridgett’s car(character name i’ve seem to forget). Others seen are Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament and Eddie Vedder as 3 parts of Citizen Dick along with “Cliff” (Matt Dillon) rounding the group off. “Touch Me I’m Dick” is a rip-off or homage to “Touch Me I’m Sick” by Mudhoney(also on the soundtrack with “Overblown”). Oh yeah, Tim Burton(“he’s only like the next Martin Scorsese!!) is there too. Who cares if

Chris Cornell, Jeef Ament, Matt Dillon, Layne Staley, and ("ultra hip, ultra cool cause he's married to Nancy Wilson(and has his finger on the pulse)" Cameron Crowe

Cameron Crowe wrote for Rolling Stone. Anybody who is anyone doesn’t read that piece of shit magazine anymore, same with Alternative Press…the “alternative” is the norm really these days anyway. Did you know that the owner of Hot Topic started the company by selling clothes out of the back of a van? Almost Famous was good, but not as a love story in a conventional sense, but as the love between music, and the listener.


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