they’re not going to these shows

Lady Gaga (barf)

I was online the other day and read an article about how no one is going to shows any more. What they failed to realise is that that statement is untrue. Some of the musicians mentioned as having a drop in concert sales were Rihanna, and Christina Aguilera. People are tired of paying out the ass for shitty lawn tickets just to see their favorite band. There is noting intimate about watching a jumbo-tron type screen, squinting to see Bono, Paul McCartney, or Lady Gaga. What many fail to understand is that smaller, better bands with indie credibility fill, and often sell out smaller clubs. Artists such as Bon Iver, and Iron & Wine continue to play smaller venues and ticket sales are through the roof. The general public are basically missing out on what real music has become. They sit back and read Spin, and Rolling Stone expecting to be kept up to date on whats hot, and whats not. Americans are quite mis-informed when it comes to music, but we know better. T. Rex is considered a one hit wonder in the states. In the UK he had 5 number one hits. Same goes for Eddy Grant.

Eddy !!!!

SpElectric Avenue is pretty much all people care about, forgetting such great songs as, “I Don’t Wanna Dance”. Listen to The Equals as well. Known mainly for the song “Baby Come Back”. Go a bit deeper and listen to “Bad Boy”. I’m sure you’ll realize that mainstream music is fucking terrible.


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