the Seattle family tree (of sorts)

Mr. Epp And The Calculations (Mark Arm is second from left)

Mr. Epp And The Calculations consisted of Mark McLaughlin (Mark Arm). Arm met photographer Charles Peterson in college. Peterson went on to shoot for Sub Pop. Arm met Steve Turner and formed Green River with Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard. Hiro Yamamato, Kim Thayil, and Chris Cornell formed Soundgarden. C/Z Records owner Daniel House and Jack Endino formed Skin Yard with drummer Matt Cameron. Nirvana hired second guitarist Jason Everman, credited on Bleach but never played, just payed for the recording. Soundgarden post-Yamamoto on bass was Jason Everman pre-Ben Shepard and Matt Cameron on drums. Endino pretty much recorded every seminal band coming out of the Pacific Northwest, including Mudhoney which was formed by aforementioned Arm and Turner after Green River

Green River circa 1985 (l-r: Alex Vincent, Mark Arm, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, Bruce Fairweather)

disbanded. Ament and Gossard went on to form Mother Love Bone with ex-Malfunkshun Andrew Wood. After Wood passed from a heroin overdose, Ament and Gossard formed Mookie Blaylock, which later changed to Pearl Jam featuring Eddie Vedder. They fromed a “tribute” band in memory of Wood called Temple Of The Dog, also featuring the guitarist of Pearl Jam Mike McCredy. The “supergroup” featured Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, Jeff Ament, and Matt Cameron. Matt Lukin played bass in the early incarnation of The Melvins, but later joined Arm and Turner in Mudhoney, with Dan Peters on drums (ex-Nirvana(for one single “Sliver” and one show-Motor Sports International Garage). Dave Grohl was in the crowd. The current line-up of

present day Melvins

The Melvins feature an ex-members(Jared Warren) of the band KARP. Calvin Johnson of Beat Happening formed K Records, who knew Bruce Pavitt, a DJ at KAOS Radio at Evergreen State College. Kim Thayil introduced Pavitt to Jon Poneman.


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