everybody likes something good

Not much in this world really scares me. I recently saw the movie The Last Exorcism and it was quite a disappointment. I really wanted the main character to speak in a different tone when possessed, and she did not. There were only two other films about the subject of exorcism that truly terrified me, The Exorcist(The Version You’ve Never Seen) and The Exorcism Of Emily Rose.

sure to keep you up at night

I read the book The Exorcism Of Anneliese Michel and had to keep the lights on for a week. Even as I type this I feel a chill and can’t describe how much this subject scares me, but I cannot stay away. I was expecting much more from The Last Exorcsim and was let down. I was really interested in the whole documentary vibe and found it to be an interesting way to approach the subject. Eli Roth having his hand in it was something of interest as well, although Hostel was too much and Cabin Fever was just ok. What I really liked were all of his claymation shorts in the bonus footage of the Cabin Fever DVD called Rotten Fruit. Name association works sometimes but really shouldn’t matter. Just because Pulp Fiction was a success doesn’t’ mean Quentin Tarantino’s involvement in any future projects will automatically be great, that’s Brian Wilson’s job, he shits gold.

turning water into wine no doubt

I haven’t heard his Reimagines Gershwin album yet but the audio from the advertisement is very Brian Wilson, and so is everything he touches, it has it’s own un-mistakable sound quality and harmonization all it’s own, you cannot deny it.


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