A punk rock farts and Kanye West go together like toast and jam

"damn those bangers!"

I read that on a recent flight to Australia Johnny Lydon (Rotten) was passing gas the entire flight, grossing out fellow passengers proving that farts(and Lydon) are still so punk rock.

I could care less what Kanye West has to say about how the media makes him look, it’s called taking ownership. This is a trait that most people do not posses. This trait is especially hard to find in children, and assholes which doesn’t say much for you Kanye. Although Justin Vernon played a role in Kanye’s new song Lost In The World it makes no difference, although hard to believe a musician as great as Vernon would have anything to do with West, it’s beyond me. The two names do not, will not, and should never be one in the same.

Kanye West’s musical output is about as attractive as picturing Lydon’s fluctuating rectum releasing fumes from 20,000 feet. Go away please.

Artist’s like Brian Wilson are geniuses not you, you cunt

West to photographer, "does this look ok? I'm going for the sad, sentimental, poor me look all the while claiming I still have street cred."

*1985 – 1988 era White Zombie is the best*


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