Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon Band:Garden Party. A shocking find.

"that'll be $5.99 please...what leagacy?"

Today I found myself in a strange place, inside of a strange building, viewing strange music released no doubt under guise of someone who could be your grandpa. In that the CD’s in front of my face are recorded, produced, and distributed by older men in suits who are in it for the hits, and the money.

Anyway, I found myself flipping through the racks looking for one specific title, which they had: Garden Party by Rick Nelson And The Stone Canyon Band. To my surprise the price for this amazing album?….$5.99!

I wasn’t sure if I should be insulted or give praise to all the idiots far, far away in CD pricing land. Six bucks for a 1972 release from a man who supposedly saved Rock ‘N Roll in the 50’s when Elvis joined the Army.

His(Rick Nelson) legacy lives on, apparently everywhere but in corporate America. And you know something that’s fine. There is plenty of great music out there that is and always will be found under the radar.

I think I was simply shocked by the price of this legends album, when a few stacks away the newest bullshit garbage by the new hit artist of the week is priced at $17.99.

On December 31, 1985 Rick Nelson, along with his finance, bassist, drummer, guitarist, keyboard player, and road manager were killed in a plane crash. According to the “somewhat dependable” site Wikipedia, “Only days after the funeral, rumors and newspaper reports suggested cocaine freebasing was one of several possible causes for the plane crash. Those allegations were proven false by the NTSB.”


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  1. Thought I would let you know that my book Rick Nelson: Rock and Roll Pioneer was released last Thursday. It has 197 pages, which includes 47 photos (some never before seen). Available for sale at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. A must have for any fan of Rick’s.


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