what makes an Icon, an Icon, and Michael McClure can suck it.

a classic tale of a classic albums as told by a bunch of classic douchebags

A Campell’s soup can or the first African American president?

I ask this question that is found in the title of this post after watching Classic Albums:The Doors. Never, well I cannot say never but for now I’ll use it. Never in my life have I laughed at the overwhelming absurdity contained in a 45 minute span than as I did watching said documentary.

To listen to Henry Rollins describe what a life changing album The Doors first record was is just un-bearable. No wait, I think listening to Perry Ferrell talk about giving his kid the first Doors album and telling his kid what a momentous album it is, was a shock. I side with Paul McCartney who stated that Pet Sounds would be given to his children.

There’s nothing more upsetting then listening to 3 scabby old men talk about the glory days of the 60’s and how Jim Morrison was this genius poet. Ray Manzerek goes through the part where Morrison sang “Moonlight Drive” to him on the beach. “oh those lyrics are great!..let’s start a rock and roll band man!”

It’s also interesting to hear all the members basically admitting to ripping off genre’s and artists. Everyone from James Brown to Salsa to Latin.

I do not believe that Jim Morrison shit gold or that his words we’re just oozing with poetic genius. The Doors were fucking good but when you start putting things such as this on a pedestal it may take away from any sort of enjoyment you might get from simply putting on that record. Michael McClure reading the opening lines to “Break On Through(To The Other Side)” was also jaw dropping in all it’s pretentious glory. “Break on through to the other side, break on through to the other side, break on through to the other side yeah. Oh that’s heavy right there”. Is it?

Maybe my problem is that I didn’t live in LA in 1966. I don’t understand that mentality. So when lyrics like that are presented to me, I scoff.

On the other hand, I love The Doors. It makes no sense I know but I do. I bought that DVD for a reason. Because when I was 12 years old I heard “Soul Kitchen” and that was the beginning for me. A Doors fan for life. I just never considered Jim Morrison a poet. I think his lyrics are good, and no, I couldn’t do any better. I just think, music is what matters. People put too much emphasis on the legend, the myth, the man/woman..always and forever.

I guess the point is that I never realized what a group of pretentious assholes the remaining members of The Doors are. They may be super nice guys, but the DVD does not portray them that way…at all.

All you really need is to sit and put on “Not To Touch The Earth”, fucking forget the memories fellas.


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